python-crfsuite is a python binding to CRFsuite.


pip install python-crfsuite


python-crfsuite is licensed under MIT license. CRFsuite C/C++ library is licensed under BSD license.

Development happens at github:

See Also

sklearn-crfsuite is a python-crfsuite wrapper which provides API similar to scikit-learn.

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0.9.6 (2018-08-01)

  • Python 3.7 support (thanks @fgregg, @danmacnaughtan and @fuhrysteve).
  • Python 3.3 support is dropped.
  • new Tagger.open_inmemory method which allows to load tagger data without having a file on-disk (thanks @lucywang000).
  • license information is added to (thanks @nils-werner).

0.9.5 (2017-09-05)

  • Python 3.6 wheels for Windows (thanks @fgregg).

0.9.4 (2017-09-04)

  • Packaging fix (thanks @fgregg).

0.9.3 (2017-09-03)

  • Fixed compatibility with Python 3.5+ on Windows (thanks @fgregg);
  • CRFSuite C++ library is updated to latest version, this fixes several memory leaks and improves performance (thanks @fgregg);
  • extension is rebuilt with Cython 0.26.1.

0.9.2 (2017-05-04)

  • binary wheels for OS X and Linux (thanks @jeancochrane).

0.9.1 (2016-12-19)

This is a release without changes in functionality.

0.9 (2016-12-08)

  • Python 2.6 support is dropped;
  • CRFSuite C++ library is updated to a more recent commit;
  • improved Windows support (thanks @fgregg);
  • fixed building with gcc < 5.0.0 (thanks @kantan2015);
  • extension is rebuilt with Cython 0.25.1; this improves PyPy compatibility (but we’re not quite there yet).
  • docs: trainer.logparser example is added to the notebook (thanks @samgalen).

0.8.4 (2015-11-25)

  • the wrapper is rebuilt with Cython 0.23.4;
  • declared Python 3.5 compatibility;
  • fixed an issue with feature names ending with white spaces.

0.8.3 (2015-04-24)

  • fix build on Windows. (thanks @fgregg)

0.8.2 (2015-02-04)

  • memory leak is fixed by updating the bundled CRFsuite C++ library;
  • the wrapper is rebuilt with Cython 0.21.2.

0.8.1 (2014-10-10)

  • fix packaging issues with 0.8 release.

0.8 (2014-10-10)

  • ItemSequence wrapper is added;
  • tox tests are fixed.

0.7 (2014-08-11)

  • More data formats for xseq: {"prefix": {feature_dict}} and {"key": set(["key1",...])} feature dicts are now accepted by pycrfsuite.Trainer and pycrfsuite.Tagger;
  • feature separator changed from “=” to “:” (it looks better in case of multi-level features);
  • small doc and README fixes.

0.6.1 (2014-06-06)

  • Switch to setuptools;
  • wheels are uploaded to pypi for faster installation.

0.6 (2014-05-29)

0.5 (2014-05-27)

0.4.1 (2014-05-18)

0.4 (2014-05-16)

  • (backwards-incompatible) training parameters are now passed using params argument of pycrfsuite.Trainer constructor instead of **kwargs;
  • (backwards-incompatible) logging support is dropped;
  • verbose argument for pycrfsuite.Trainer constructor;
  • pycrfsuite.Trainer.get_params() and pycrfsuite.Trainer.set_params() for getting/setting multiple training parameters at once;
  • string handling in Python 3.x is fixed by rebuilding the wrapper with Cython 0.21dev;
  • algorithm names are normalized to support names used by crfsuite console utility and documented in crfsuite manual;
  • type conversion for training parameters is fixed: feature.minfreq now works, and boolean arguments become boolean.

0.3 (2014-05-14)

python-crfsuite now detects the featue format (dict vs list of strings) automatically - it turns out the performance overhead is negligible.

0.2 (2014-05-14)

0.1 (2014-04-30)

Many changes; python-crfsuite is almost rewritten.

0.0.1 (2014-04-24)

Initial release.